It is astonishing to see just how much Lincoln Rotary accomplished this year.  With a Club of about 50 members, our membership devoted hundreds of hours of time and effort to community service, donated dollars for great causes and provided care and support for Lincoln.  Here is a list of Lincoln Rotary accomplishments for the year starting July 1, 2013 and finishing June 30, 2014.  Lincoln has benefited significantly from the contributions of our club.  

Karen Johnson, President, 2013-2014 

Officers/Committee Chairs
  • Secretary - Bill Cook
  • Treasurer - Mary Ann Barker
  • Community Service Chair - Jerry Johnson
  • Literacy Chair - Joann Hilton
  • International Service Chair - Paul Radcliffe
  • Youth Service Chair - Kris Wyatt
  • Membership Chair - Dan Johnson
  • Public Relations Chair - Art Deardorff
  • Foundation Treasurer - Mary Ann Barker


Rotary Club of Lincoln 2013-2014 Accomplishments

Donations and Community Service:
  • Literacy Projects: Book Buddies, English Learner Support, Books for Bikes and E-Readers:  $5,000 (Matching Grant of $2,500)
  • Lincoln HS Scholarships:  $4,500 (Matching Grant of $500)
  • Interact:  $300
  • RYLA Scholarships:  $2,100
  • Rotary Youth Exchange:  $250, named outgoing student/accepted Italian student
  • Pescatore Winery Scholarship: $200
  • Sober Grad Night: $1,000
  • Glen Edwards Middle School Parent Teachers Association: $300
  • 12 Bridges Public Library Children’s Books: $1,000 (from Club Budget)
  • Re-Direct: $3,000 for Laptops
  • Sponsored Softball/Little League Teams: $1,000
  • Seven Park Biographical Signs: $9,600
  • 4th of July Fireworks: $600
  • Support of Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament: $500
  • Mayor’s Cup to Support Youth Activities in Lincoln: $500
  • Community Garden Fencing: $750
  • Honored Two Students Each Month from Lincoln High School
  • Honored One Community Member with Paul Harris Foundation Award
  • Four Blood Drives
  • Western Placer Teacher’s Classroom Donations (by members)
  • Salt Mine food donations (over 2,00 pounds of food)
  • Toys for Tots Christmas donation (by members)
  • Support for Twelve Bridges Library Book Sale
  • Lincoln HS Baseball Fundraiser Dinner
  • Food Bank Volunteer Day
  • Spring Clean-Up and Mulching of Public Landscaped Areas in Downtown Lincoln
  • Auburn Ravine Clean-Up Day Participation
  • BBQ Little League Opening Ceremonies
  • Pancake Breakfast Girls Softball Opening Day
  • Wounded Warrior Collection in conjunction with Lincoln Hills Tap Group ($4,500)
  • Relay for Life, Rotary 4 Life Team $2,800 from donations
  • Relay for Life Breakfast
  • Tour de Lincoln Checkpoint Staffing
  • Fourth of July Parade Participants
  • Supported Mud Run for Suicide Prevention & Community Gardens
  • Partnered with the Downtown Merchants Association on Lincoln Wine Fest 
  • New Member “Fireside Chat,” Five Club Social Outings/Tours/Dinners
  • District Matching Grant Certification for 2014-2015
  • Attended District Assembly, Mid-Year Retreat, Conference, Various Trainings, Foundation and RI Presidential Dinners; Members sit on District Committees
  • International Matching Grants:  $3,000 (Expanded with other Clubs)
  • Nursing School (Uganda), Teenage Orphans (South Africa), Arsenic Free Wells (Bangladesh), Elementary Schools (Zambia), Mobile Health Clinic (Mexico) Anti-Bullying (Mexico)
  • Polio Plus:  $2,000                           
  • Support of Polio Plus: Rotary at the River Cats, Sacramento Kings, and 2 dinners
  • Philippines’ Disaster:  $3,000 (individual member donations)                      


  • Named Best Service Club in Lincoln the News Messenger
  • Awarded Best Service Club by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
  • Dick Fowler Awarded the Cliff Dochterman Rotarian Scouting Award
  • Jim Zentner and Ed Page Honored as Major Foundation Donors
  • District Awards
    • Effective Use of Social Media
    • Zone Award for Literacy
    • Most Outstanding District Literacy Program
    • Premier Club Membership Award/Double Point Award
    • Blood Source Largest # of Blood Units/Platelets by Club Size
    • Membership Silver, Administration Gold, Public Relations Gold, Service Silver, Foundation Silver
RI Foundation Recognitions:
  • Every Rotarian Every Year
  • Paul Harris Fellows 27 (19 new and 8 PHF+)
  • Annual Fund Contributions $10,500
  • Total Contributions $14,501
  • First two Major Donors in Club History
  • Bequest Society (2 new, 5 total)

Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation:

  • Alan Bradford Scholarship $1,000

Fundraising Exceeded $31,000:

  • Inaugural Nite at the Races Event Raised $2,869
  • The Reinstated Cow Chip Bingo Event Raised $3,875
  • The Taste of Italy Dinner and Auction Raised $15,894
  • Lincoln Wine Fest Raised $12,934 of Which the Club Shared $4,467 with the Downtown Lincoln Associates

Rotary Committee Accomplishments 2013-14

Completed ReFire: Vision and Goals for Three Years

Club Service:

  • Updated By-Laws and added a section
  • 3-in-1 Seminar: Membership, Public Relations, Training Trainers (6)
  • Foundation Training (3)
  • District Mid-Year Retreat (3)
  • District Assembly (5)
  • District Conference (5)
  • STRS Trainings: Clubrunner, PR, Membership, Foundation
  • District Matching Grant Certification for 2014-2015
  • Members of Larger Rotary: Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development (1), Rotarian Action Group for Peace (1), Rotarian Action Group for Ham Operators (1), Rotarian Action Group for Flying (1)
  • District Matching Grant for Scholarships, Bikes for Books, and E Readers)
  • New Member Fireside Chat (Jan)
  • Rotary Social Gatherings: Fill the Bus Wine Tasting, Fall Family Picnic, Goat House Brewery Gathering, Lincoln Historical Society, Holiday Party, Twelve Bridges Library Tour
  • District Foundation Dinner (10+)
  • Rotary International President Ron Burton Dinner (15)

Public Relations:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • Club Social activity (6)
  • New Members
  • Fireside Chats (1)
  • Two new categories of membership

Community and Vocational Service:

  • Participated in the 4th of July Parade
  • Financially supported the Lincoln Community Foundation 4th of July Celebration
  • Financially supported the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament  
  • Contributed money to construct a fence around the Community Garden
  • Financially supported the Mayor's Cup Challenge Golf Tournament that provides funds for youth programs conducted by the City’s Recreation Department
  • Supported the English Language Adult Learners Program
  • Researched and drafted information on the names of all City parks and installed biographical signs in 4 of 10 parks this year
  • Conducted 6 food drives for the Salt Mine, including 2 at Safeway
  • Organized 4 Blood Drives
  • Supported the Friends of the Library Book Sale
  • Participated in the Downtown Farmer's Market with an information booth
  • Partnered with the Downtown Merchants Association to Host the Lincoln Wine Fest
  • Presented a Paul Harris Award to a Community Leader who exemplified high ethical standards (Shirley Russell)
  • Supported the Lincoln Showcase
  • Conducted a Downtown Beautification Project involving the spreading of mulch in public parkways
  • Participated in the Auburn Ravine Clean-Up
  • Staffed the Tour de Lincoln Ophir Road Water/Food Stop
  • Participated in the Sacramento Area Gleaners Workday
  • Fielded a Relay for Life Team
  • Supplied and cooked breakfast for 150 Relay for Life participants
  • Collected donations for the Wounded Warrior Program during two Performances of Rosie the Riveter

Fiscal Sponsor:

  • Supported the Community Gardens project by acting as Fiscal Sponsor
  • Supported the Mud Run 4 Life by acting as Fiscal Sponsor

Youth Service:

  • Sponsored Baseball Team: provided BBQ for Opening Day
  • Sponsored Softball Team: served breakfast for Opening Day
  • Sponsored Interact Club at Lincoln High School
  • Gave Interact service pin gifts
  • Recognized two Lincoln High School Students of the Month each month
  • Provided five college scholarships: two for Best Students, two vocational scholarships, and one scholarship recognizing outstanding community service (  
  • Provided support for a Foreign Exchange Student and named an incoming and outgoing Youth Exchange Student for 2014-15
  • Contributed to the Pescatore  Wine Scholarship for Newcastle Elementary School 8th graders
  • Funded three students to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (  
  • Supported the Toys for Tots Holiday Drive 
  • Supported Lincoln High’s Baseball team at fundraising dinner by making it a Rotary meeting – 36 Rotarians attended
  • Conducted a Book Buddies Program through which 20-25 Rotarians read bi-weekly with 3rd graders at Creekside Elementary School who were reading below grade level
  • Organized and funded a Books for Bikes Program that encouraged students in Grades 1-3 at all seven Placer Unified Elementary schools to achieve their reading goals, awarding students at each school a chance to win a bike if their reading goals were met
  • Provided electronic readers to each Placer Unified Elementary School
  • Supported the Fill the Bus drive for school supplies
  • Provided the Twelve Bridges Children's Library approximately 100 children's books
  • Provided the Lincoln Recreation Department with scholarship money for youth teams, Day Camp, Aquatics, plus materials and supplies

Lincoln Rotary Foundation:

  • Awarded Bradford Scholarship

Rotary International Foundation:

  • Awarded 27 Paul Harris Fellows: 19 New and 8 PHF+
  • Donated to Polio Plus by Members
  • Donated to Kings Polio Plus Fundraiser (15)
  • Donated to River Cats Polio Plus Fundraiser
  • Donated to Johnny Garlic Polio Plus Fundraiser (8)
  • Donated to Buonarroti Polio Plus Fundraiser (12+)
  • Achieved EREY
  • Accepted New Bequest Society Members (2)

International Service:

  • Supported Polio Plus — Rotary is part of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, which also includes various governments, the WHO, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and UNICEF
  • Supported Polio Plus through King's Game, River Cats Game, 2 dinners
  • Supported Philippines Disaster by generous member donations
  • Supported Half-way House for Teen-age Orphans in Khayalethu, South Africa  -- Partner with Point West Club (Mark Woolgar) to equip home for orphans who are learning job skills.  These orphans upon reaching 18 years of age and graduating from school often resort to living on the street., $3,500 with RI leverage.
  • Supported Nursing school in Uganda -- Partner with Reno Club (Jerry Hall) providing equipment and furniture for recently built school, $1,750 with RI leverage.
  • Supported Anti-Violence/Bullying Prevention and Intervention Curriculum in the Jalisco School District (Guadalajara area) -- The curriculum will help educators instill values of respect, responsibility, compassion and empathy for others.  Partner with Ajijic Club, $1,750 with RI leverage.
  • Supported Uyoba Elementary School in Mfuwe, Zambia  --  Partner with Point West Club (Carol VanBruggen) to repair and upgrade building and provide desks, blackboards and books, and secure doors for 650 children, $1,750 with RI leverage.
  • Supported the Installation of 55 tube wells providing arsenic-free water in Banladesh to approximately 10,000 residents -- Partner with Roseville Club (Kathy Clemens), $1,750 with RI leverage


  • Cow Chip Bingo
  • Nite at the Races
  • Taste of Italy
  • Lincoln Wine Fest