President Dan Johnson
We started the 2017/18 year with our motto, “Making a Difference.”  Rotary has always made a difference in our great Lincoln community, but this year was very special in that way as outlined in the following accomplishments of our year. It was an honor beyond my imagination to lead the club during this milestone year for our club and community.
 Dan Johnson - Club President 2017/18
Officers/Committee Chairs
  • Secretary - Claire Luke
  • Treasurer - Mary Ann Barker
  • Community Service Chair - David Cesio
  • Vocational Service Chair - Stan Nader
  • Youth Service Chair - Kris Wyatt
  • Fundraising Co-Chairs - Jerry and Karen Johnson
  • Membership Chair - Jeffrey McCoy
  • Public Relations Chair - Art Deardorff
  • Foundation President - Jeffrey McCoy
  • Foundation Treasurer - Mary Ann Barker
Rotary Club of Lincoln 2017-2018 Accomplishments
  • Our Rotary Club membership was not without its lows this year, as we lost two of our most senior and stalwart members, Harvey Ulijohn and Ed Page. We will always remember them. Our year had its highs with a total of five Club Socials, getting our members together for a variety of FUN experiences while building friendships.
  • We inducted eight new members this year.
Fundraising: (Raised $66,690)
  • We were very busy with our regular fundraising events and added a fourth for our largest fundraising total, ever. This is where we earn the monies for serving our community.
  •  In addition to Member and Foundation donation, we now have four regular Fundraising Events as follows:
    • Nite at The Races
    •  A Taste of Italy
    •  Cow Chip Bingo
    • Tour de Lincoln Bike Ride (new, taken over from the Lincoln Volunteer Center)
Community Service: ($15,268)
  • McBean Park Dog Park funding
  • Lincoln Senior Center major funding, provided final push for construction and opening
  • Salt Mine Food Closet funding and Food Distribution to the needy
  • Lincoln 4th of July Celebration funding
  • Oak Park Rotary House Foundation donation
  • American Cancer Society donation
  • Camp Clay Youth Day Program sponsor
  • Installed Lincoln Pioneer Recognition Park Sign at Robert Jimenez Park
  • Woman’s Club ADA construction funding
  • Continued to sponsor the very successful Lincoln Wine Fest, Community Event
  • McBean Park bleacher improvement funding
  • Lincoln Police Pink Patch program donation
  • "A Door Lock for Every School Room" project funding
  • Continued the very successful Lincoln Community Blood Drive
Youth Service: ($23,321)
  • Lincoln Library Children’s Books funding
  • LHS Scholarship funding
  • Lincoln Theatre Scholarship funding
  • LHS Youth Leadership Camp funding (RYLA)
  • LHS Youth Club funding (Interact/Key Club)
  • Lincoln Little League funding
  • LHS Boosters Club funding
  • LHS Choir Sponsor
  • Lincoln Elementary School reading program (Bikes for Books)
  • Letters to Santa Sponsor
  • USCF Scholarship funding
  • Ride to Walk Eagle Scout Project sponsor
  • LHS Every Fifteen Minute program funding
  • LHS Mr and Mrs Extraordinary Pageant funding (Special Needs program)
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program sponsor
  • LHS Sober Grad funding
  • Lincoln Youth Soccer Equipment funding
  • Lincoln Redirect Youth Scholarship funding
World Community Service: ($10.433.)
  • Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Disaster Relief funding
  • Sawankhalok Eyeglass Project funding
  • Haiti Solar Lantern Project funding
  • Local Human Trafficking School Education Program sponsor
  • Ajijic Mexico Maternal Health Care Project funding
  • Ajijic Mexico Vocational Training Scholarship funding
  • Romanian Vocational training funding
  • Disaster Relief Shelter funding (Shelter Box)
  • Voted Best of Best Service Club in Lincoln by the Lincoln News Messenger
  • Voted Best Service Club in Lincoln by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary District awards for Lincoln Community Blood Drive and Best Social Media presence