Robert Dart Legacy
Robert Dart Gift to Lincoln Rotary - 2019
Rotary Club of Lincoln was given a gift of several properties following the death of Robert Dart, a past member of our club. 
Bob was a native of Lincoln, passing away September 11, 2019, at the age of 94.  Bob proudly served as an Army corporal during World War II, having enlisted before completing high school in January 1944.  After the war, Bob went to work at the Lincoln Post Office and was appointed as Postmaster in about 1959. retiring from this position in 1980 at the age of 55. After retiring, Bob worked his ranch north of Lincoln, raising cattle for several years. In his younger years he was an active member of the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department, Native Sons of the Golden West, the Lincoln American Legion, and the Lincoln Rotary Club. Bob is remembered for his kindness, his wry sense of humor, and his love of ballroom dancing.  As stated by his conservator/trustee for 20 years who had become quite fond of him, “Bob had a wry sense of humor, was very kind, never had a bad word about anyone and was certainly more than generous with the distribution of his estate.”
Bob was a long-time member of Lincoln Rotary.  He joined the club in 1956 and terminated his membership in 2001 after he moved to an assisted living facility in Grass Valley.   He is remembered by many older and past Rotarians as having a high level of attendance and as the “cashier” at club meetings. 
During his lifetime, Bob was never married and was the only son of Grant and Helen Dart.  He invested in real estate both in Lincoln and Marysville.  Upon his death, many charities, medical facilities, and community organizations received bequests totaling more than $100.000.  Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation was honored to be the recipient of a significant gift from the trust that included six rental properties, six vacant lots and Bob’s ranch on Big Ben Road subject to a life estate for one of his friends.
Due the size of the bequest, a 501(c)2 title holding corporation, LRC Properties, Inc., was set up subsidiary to the Foundation. Rotary is currently continuing to use the rentals to create income to fund community projects.  Some vacant lots will be sold to fund improvements to the existing rentals.  The club is working to establish some type of memorial fund recognition that will remember Bob and be a legacy for his kindness.