Rotary Motto:
Service Above Self
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lincoln
Meeting Thursday at Noon
Women's Club, 499 E Street, Lincoln
Meeting Bulletin for
Upcoming Guest Speaker
Greg Kevin, incoming club president, will be conducting a Club Assembly. This is the opportunity to hear Greg's goals for 2024-2025.
Minutes of the Meeting 
President Richard opened the meeting of  June 13, 2024, with 28 members and 3 guests present. The flag salute was led by Julie Baird . Guests welcomed included Guest Speaker Terri Dorow, Janes Wedell and Bryan Acline.
Events and Committee Announcements
Jan, Speaker Chair, thanked all the members that provided speakers for the meetings in 2023-2024. She passed out a sign up for members to provide speakers for 2024-2025.Paul reminded the club that he is stepping down from WCS leadership and someone is needed to volunteer to carry on. 
Guest Speaker 
Kris introduced Terri Dorow reviewing her extensive history as an elementary teacher, principal, and time spent in the District Office, serving as the Director of Educational Services. Terri was drawn to writing children's book because of her background in teaching and knowing that early age book reading leads to long term success. Her granddaughter Abby helped inspire the topics of the four books she brought and shared. The First book was titled Just Lo, a book about a child bullied for his name, and how he was able to handle that situation. Another book featured a story of a girl and her bunny that was inspired by her granddaughter's experience with a bunny much loved. This book focused on friendship and kindness. Terri shared how she was able to publish her books, and how and where she sells the beautifully illustrated books.
The Four-Way Test
           The Four-Way Test
  Of the things we think, say or do:
   1. Is it the truth?
   2. Is it fair to all concerned?
   3. Will it build goodwill and
         better friendships?
   4. Will it be beneficial
        to all concerned?
   5. HAVE FUN !!
June 20: No Meeting-Richard Kick out
@ Turkey Creek 5:30 PM
June 27: Club Assembly 
Greg Kevin
July 4: Happy Independence Day
No Meeting
July 11: Joe Patterson
California Legislature | Assembly District 05
July 18: Richard Pearl
India and Nepal Trip
June 20-No Meeting
Richard-Kick Out@ Turkey Creek @ 5:30 PM
Meeting 6/27
Sign In
Take Down
Coming Events
June 21:
Community Blood Drive
June 29:
Salt Mine volunteering
Sign up with Linda
Club Executives 2023-2024
Richard Pearl
President -elect:
Greg Kevin
PE Nominee:
Kerry Callahan
Kim McCue
John Quigley
Andrea Tracy-Flamenco
Club Chairs: 2023-2024
Administration Chair
Community Service Chair
Fundraising Events Chair
Membership Chair
Public Image Chair
Carol Abbanat
RI Foundation Chair
Speaker Chair
Vocational Service Chair
World Community Service Chair
Youth Services Chair
Photos from 6/06/24
Photos from 6/13/24
 Many thanks to everyone who contributed ideas for this Bulletin, and to Jan for proofreading, and Bill for his awesome photos.
             Birthdays and Anniversaries
in June
Andrea Flamenco: June 18
David Bonillo: June 21
Karen Johnson: June 28
Spouse/Partner Birthdays
The Colonel (Claire Luke): June18
Carol & Roy Abbanat, 60 years, June 20
Frank & Frances Neves, 60 years, June 20
John & Kathleen Quigley, 60 Years,
June 28
Phil & Carol Koenig,52 years, June 17
Mark & Holly  Andreatta , 33 years,
June 15
John & Janice  Fett, 16 years, June 7
Andrea & Raul Flamenco,16 years,
June 23
Dakota & Ari Spillers, 1 year, June 24
Rotary Join Anniversaries
Bill Laube, 41 years: June 1
Claire Luke, 30 years, June 1
Kristine Mollenkopf, 26 years, June 30
Joann Hilton, 20 years June 10
Speakers are an important part of our RCL meetings. We learn about issues and how we can help others locally and globally. If you would like to be a speaker or know of a speaker interested in making a difference, please contact and the information will be forwarded to the Speaker Chair. 
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