Up to about the third grade, children learn to read; beyond that, they read to learn.  For students who do not develop reading skills, there is a tendency to fall further and further behind in scholastic achievement. For more than five years, our Club has sponsored programs to encourage reading development in Western Placer Unified School District elementary schools.
In our Book Buddies project, we go to Creekside elementary school to read with third grade students identified by their teachers as needing help with reading. Approximately every two weeks, we leave our Thursday noon meeting to read with about 10 students after school.  By reading with them, we help, we mentor and we encourage them to read.
In our Rewards4Readers (R4R) project, we provide an incentive for students at all to achieve accelerated reading goals.  In the past, this was our Bikes for Books program, allowing a chance for all students in the district who are meeting their goals to win a scooter or a bike. This year, the R4R project provides a reward for all of these students, currently a yogurt cup from Home Spun Yogurt, except in Sheridan where we treat all to an ice cream treat. 
Should you wish to help contact Kris Wyatt  kriswyatt49@gmail.com.