Looking for Rotarians
At our December 6th lunch meeting we heard from our membership committee regarding new membership.  Darrell Scott spoke to our club about our current membership and what we should be looking for in new members.  With our Club being as wonderful as it is, we need to make sure we aren't keeping that a secret!  Darrell showed us a very in depth list of everything Lincoln Rotary does to help the community and world as a whole along with another list of all the wonderful qualities of our fellow Rotarians.  By adding to our membership we will be able to extend our reach of what we accomplish and do so much MORE!
Showcasing how wonderful and diverse our current members are, we were lucky to hear Allen Lowe recite one of his poems.
All of that being said in Darrell's talk paired perfectly with two pinnings done to honor some of our members for exemplary work in our community.  Kris Wyatt received a pin for organizing a Thanksgiving meal to help those affected by the fires in Paradise, while Bill Cook and Paul Radcliffe received pins for heading out on December 1st to help organize immense amounts of donations that have been received to help the families from the Paradise fires.
Also, tying in with the many great works being done, on December 13th Rotary will be hosting the Blood drive at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Lincoln.