Activities for the Week: 
No "official" meeting at the Woman's Club for the week, but lots of other activities.
The Thursday meeting was a social event at the home of Vern and Claire Luke. Vern did a great job of demonstrating his model trains.   Thank you Gail Radcliffe for the pictures.  Click for Pictures
Wildbill, Darrell, Art and Paul showed up to help with Isaiah's project at Ride to Walk. Not quite done yet but it about did the Rotarians who helped in! Click for Pictures
The final sign for our Lincoln Park Sign Project was installed at Chief Robert Jimenez Park.  The family, including Jeff Culbertson Chief Jimenez's nephew, was there.  Click for Pictures
Shown are Family and Friends: Phil Steele (Caroline's husband), Debbie Prescott (niece), Todd Culbertson (nephew), Jenifer Culbertson (Jeff's wife), Caroline Steele (niece), Jeff Culbertson (nephew), Dana Jimenez Harder (daughter), Conrad Harder (grandson), Eddy Ojeda (friend) and Billy Silva (friend).
And, our hard-working Rotarians, thanks for showing up to help. 
And, to refresh your memory about the park project signs that we have been working on for many year, see pictures of all the signs. Click for Pictures  Thank you Jerry Johnson for your persistence in getting the project done.