Rotary Membership
Another vibrant meeting!  We have three new membership applications in the works. Joann won the raffle drawing but the Ace of Spaced eluded her. Our members supported the club with lots of Happy Bucks.  President Dan proudly displayed a new projector for the club and the slide quality is awesome. 
Past past Harvey (with a few more pasts thrown in for previous presidencies) announced that tickets for Taste of Italy are available at $35 each - same as last year.  The tables will be for 8 but one or two more can be squeezed in.  There will be a meeting on Feb. 8th 7pm at Claire's home - all welcome - to discuss the event, planned for March 9th 6pm at the McBean Park Pavillion. 
Ken Campbell announced that Camp Clay will be April 21st.  he then proceeded to tell the story about how it started 15-20 years ago.  David Bonillo remembers that in the beginning the Club used to provide a barbecue along with the camp.  
Alan Lowe cordially invited us to come to his event  titled “The Nighttime Traveler Or . . . My Wife Thinks I Need To See A Shrink”  on Saturday, February 10 at 7 pm or Sunday, February 11 at 3 pm at Kilaga Springs - it is free.  This production is very special to him as he is both its writer and director.  See link to flyer below. (Come early as it fills up fast!)
Art announce that there will be a "Facebook for Beginners" workshop starting right after next week's meeting - plan ~ 30-45 minutes. This will be followed up later with an advanced session. 
New member Mason "Beez" Beasley gave his 3-minute ice-breaker speech.  Interesting that he has a twin sister Carli (sp?).  He is now outreach director at Lincoln Sommerset Senior Living.  
Dan had several announcements:
  • Next week, District Governor Sandi Sava will be our guest. There will be a special social time to meet her starting at 11:30.  
  • Dan wants to know if we should schedule a bus for the April 7th District Assembly.  it is a great opportunity to learn many things about Rotary, what we do and how to do it.  Register at Assembly Link.
  • He also announced that we were chosen by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce as the 2017 Outstanding Service Club for Lincoln, an award that we have been given for many past years. 
  • For the 5th Thursday of March, there will be a potluck social at Claire Luke's home. 
Our speaker was Membership Chairman Jeffrey McCoy with a presentation about what our club does and what Rotary is all about. 
Remember, lots of Red Shirts next week for DG Sandi!