Lincoln Rotary Membership
  2 New Members
Full house at our meeting today with many guests in attendance.  Notably, we had two guests who had recently moved to Lincoln who were both 20+ year Rotarians in their previous communities.  Kristine Mollenkopf just moved from Santa Maria and was a two-time past president at the Monticito and Santa Maria clubs.  She was introduced by Stan Nader as the new Lincoln City Attorney.  Susan Elliott just moved here from Cresent City where she was past of the Cresent City club and was a charter member of the Del Norte Sunrise club.  She is visiting local Rotary Clubs to find a fit; let's hope she choses Lincoln Rotary.   A big welcome to them both.
The highlight of the meeting was the induction of two new members. Membership chair Jeffrey McCoy performed the induction ceremonies for the latest two members in Rotary (at that time).
The first was Mason Beazley who is the Outreach Coordinator for Sommerset Senior Living.  He is shown below with his mom Randi Beasley and sponsor Art Deardorff.
The second new member was Jeff Culbertson.   Jeff is a long-time Lincoln resident who is now an Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  He is shown with his wife Jenifer and sponsor (and 4th cousin) Kris Wyatt.  Jeff commented that in looking a the list of Rotary Presidents in the 1980's that he had probably "mowed the lawns for most of them."  
Dan reported that the last three members have  an average age of 39, bringing the average age of our club down considerable!!!  He also noted that Darrell Scott will not be available for purchasing apparel etc. for some time and provided some guidelines (Click here to review them). 
Bill Cook noted that Tony "Stix" Bellacera had been in the hospital with pneumonia but was supposedly headed home today.  Bill also encouraged all to wash their hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face - very good advice to all with flu rampant
Kris Wyatt announced some upcoming Bikes for Books elementary school assemblies where we will present a bike or a scooter to the winner of the drawing for all students who achieve their accelerated reading goals.  We do this at all seven grade schools in Western Placer Unified School District.   Click here for more pictures.
Dan noted that it was Vocational Service Month and was the speaker for the day, talking about what new members become a part of when joining our club.  Click here for his PowerPoint presentation.
Click here for More Meeting Pictures.