Wellness Within
President Dan called on Alan Lowe our Club Poet to read a poem called " The Collector".  If it reminded one of the anxiety our Finemaster inflicts, that is purely coincidental.  A fine portrayal that was roundly applauded. (See link below.)
Leadership opportunity:  our Nominating Committee is searching for candidates for President for next year.  Please talk to any former Pres for info.
Jeffrey inducted new member, Kimberley McCue who manages Lincoln Funeral Home.  She is a hometown Lincoln Zebra and very enthusiastic about joining us.  Welcome Kimberly !!
Our speaker was Patti Brown of Wellness Within.  They offer support services for cancer patients, survivors,caretakers and families.  Their services are for mental, physical and emotional needs.  The majority of cancer patients suffer from depression, but only 10% seek treatment for it.  Their statistics clearly showed how partcipants improved after a 6 week course. Their services and classes are free.  Funding is through donations, sponsors and a few grants.  Anyone is welcome to check them out and use their library at their Roseville office.  Click on www.wellnesswithin.org
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