A Rotary Partner
Kim Fricke, our President Elect-Nominee ran the meeting with charm and resolution. Harvey Ulijohn and Harriet Garland both announced celebrating wedding anniversaries in excess of 50 years and we congratulate them.  The lunch was an excellent Pesto Lasagna from Country Harvest that was much appreciated.
We had a reminder to attend the Upcoming Lincoln Community Blood Drive Friday August 18, but also invite friends and neighbors.  Please SHARE the blood drive posts on your social media (facebook) pages.  Save a Life by giving blood!! You can register at
Matt, our delightful Rotary Youth Exchange student attended and he is a wonderful outgoing young man. We were asked to make him feel at home by inviting him to our homes for dinner or an outing.  Remember, we are his family.
The big news of the day....Claire won the Raffle. We are sure that a portion of that sum will find it's way back to Rotary. 
Our speaker was Bill Tobin who is a tireless promoter and worker for Shelterbox.  Bill has been recognized by Past President Obama and humanitarian organization ShelterBox USA with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for a fourth consecutive year. He gave us all the info on Shelterbox which was originated by Rotarians who wanted to make a difference for folks who experience disasters.  Bill, who is a member of the El Dorado club, got involved right after the Haitian earthquake when his local Interact club members asked what can they do to help in Haiti ?   Shelterbox came up and he has been a huge proponent since then.  He noted that 85 million people have been displace by disasters since WWII. More on Selterbox at
A full Shelterbox costs about $1,000, but smaller ones are often also used depending on the conditions.  Interact clubs can get involved by selling bracelets for $1 that are supplied for free.  Or there are many other fund raisers, and our Club has, in the past, donated to Shelterbox.  It is amazing that some people live in the delivered tents for years.  Truly, Shelterbox does a fine job in helping people get through tough times.  
Our speaker this coming Thursday will talk about investing and "What's Next."  If you are not a Rotarian, stop by, lunch is on us.