Lincoln Police Chief
 Doug Lee
We welcomed Dan Johnson in his first meeting as President of Lincoln Rotary.  He introduced us to the new Rotary Theme "Making a Difference." Everyone received a new pin with this Rotary Slogan.
We had a poem from our poet laureate Alan Lowe.  We all gave Wild Bill Cook a hand as he rejoined the club after spending a portion of the last year in the District Passport Club.  He will be taking over the Community Blood Drives this year.  Thank you Wild Bill. 
Board Member at Large Harriet Garland reported from the Board Meeting held just before the meeting.  She said the goal is to improve the tansparency between the board and club members.   She summarized the board meeting agenda and actions. 
Our guest speaker was Doug Lee, Chief of Police for Lincoln.  
He started this position in January 2017. Prior to that he had 31 years of experience with the Sacramento Sheriff Department.  He noted that in the past 7 years, Lincoln had 7 different police chiefs!  A few of the things he noted were:
  • Increased social media presence. Facebook & Twitter
  • He wants a proactive transparent department
  • Homelessness is the number 1 issue they are dealing with at this time
    • 40-45 homeless in Lincoln
    • Must tag and give 72 hour notice when trying to evict from an area
    • Recently removed 30 yards of trash from and underpass where they evicted
    • City can only address the public safety access of the issue
    • Daily contacts with homeless issues
  • In the process of hiring 3-4 new officers, in preparation for others retiring
  • Local force is reduced since 2008 economic downturn and is not back to the pre-2008 staff
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