Centennial Dam Assessment
For all of you that qualify, Happy Fathers Day
Our speaker was Otis Wollan who was previously a director for the Placer County Water Agency and who has a long working knowledge of our water sources in south Placer county.   The Centennial Dam is proposed by the Nevada Irrigation District  in an area north of Colfax on the Bear River.  Otis described his take on the project and how the cost and schedule proposed are very optimistic.  See more from the Lincoln News Messenger in the link below.
We started our business segment by Jim Zentner, outgoing Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation President, opening the Annual Meeting of the Foundation. He announced that Jennifer Willis volunteered and was selected by the Board to be President next year, assisted by continuing officers Sharron Snyder as VP, Art Deardorff as Secretary and Mary Ann Barker as Treasurer.  New trustees were elected at the meeting, being Jeffrey McCoy, extending his term to June 2019 and Mitchell Satz with term to June 2020.   Thanks to all for your service.
Carol Percy made a short presentation on her Shoes4Kids project. She has noted that there are many kids in Lincoln whose parents are unable to buy adequate shoes for school.  She has teamed with the Salt Mine to collect money (not used shoes - too much hassle to store and prepare, etc) so that kids can purchase shoes for school.   A worthy project.  To donate, log into www.thesaltmine.org  and mention Shoes4Kids; you can donate either with your credit card or with paypal,  or you can just drop off a donation at the Salt Mine or with Carol.  
Fran Neves made a short spiel on the upcoming Friends of the Lincoln Library and the Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest, championed by Rotarian Alan Lowe. See the application in the "Pictures" link below. 
We were pleased to have Bagor Germo Maraon, a Rotarian and past president from a club in the Philippines, as our guest.  He noted that he had been a Rotarian for only about 4 years of a relatively new young club.  He is now traveling throughout the western US. Father Bill gave him our banner to take home.
Don't forget, President Father Bill's Kickout (and President-Elect Dan Johnson's promotion) is June 29th 6PM at Turkey Creek.  Let Harvey know if you are coming (and haven't signed up).  The prices of a great meal and even more awesome entertainment and fun (at Father Bill's expense) is $30.