Living with the Homeless
   and Lincoln Winefest
We has a good turnout and fun time at Lincoln Rotary at our Thursday Lunch meeting. 
A very moving and heartfelt program by Auburn Rotarian Robert Litchfield.   He is a Business Attorney who through Rotary, started interview homeless folks.  He had fascinating and sad stories to tell. He has even written s book of the homeless stories. Everyone was enthralled. 
We awarded two exceptional students of the month.  Lara Ocumen is a senior and is rated first in her class.  Not only is she a scholar but she is very active.  Jon Sutcliffe, also a senior, has overcome substantial obstacles with humor and insight;  another miracle story.
Our Poet Laureate read an endearing poem related to the homeless. Stan Nader and Dick Fowler were awarded their third and fourth Paul Harris Fellows, respectively.
On Saturday, we has a sold-out Lincoln Wine Fest.   The weather was just right, the wine and food were great.  Thanks to Joann Hilton and her team for making this event a huge success. And thank you very much to all of you Rotarians and friends who volunteered; without you we could not have had such a great event. 
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