Busy Week
 - District Assembly
 - Speaker re AFib
 - LHS Farm Kids Support
 - Platelet Drive
Last Saturday, we attended the District 5180 Training Assembly. This is always a terrific opportunity to learn about what Rotary does.  Our Webmaster Art actually led two sessions re Public Image and ClubRunner Websites. 
At our Thursday lunch, the speaker was Dr. Orson Go, a cardiac doctor from Sutter Hospital.  He spoke about atrial fibrillation (AFib), a particular type of heart disease.  We all learned a lot about the various kinds of heart disease.  
Concurrently with our meeting, we helped prepare lunch for students from Glen Edwards Middle School at the Lincoln High School Farm.  Thank you Rotarians Kimberly Fricke, Ana Roa and Mitchell Satz and our friends Rita Ryan and Ed Merten who volunteered to be part of the team. 
On Friday, Dan Johnson was able to "fill the bus" having 6 donors resulting in 10 units of platelets.  There was even an alternate donor waiting that Dan did not have to call!  Thank you to those who participated
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