Sunset Meeting
Solar Power Options
The meeting was chaired by past President Art.  But, he asked others to step up and share the experience in future meetings. Just like the original Rotary meetings in Chicago, where the meeting location was "rotated" from location to location, we could start something new by "rotating" the meeting runner.  
It was great to have all of the "O-Family" Rotary members present (Clark, Janet and Heather).   We were also honored to have immediate past president Ryan Rogers from the Yuba City Rotary Club as our guest.   His company GreenTraks does business in Placer County so he stopped by to see what we were doing.  Follow Ryan's lead and visit other Rotary clubs either locally or during your travels; it is fun and you might bring back new ideas for us.
Our speaker for the night was Barry McGinnis who talked to us about some of the advantages and pros/cons of the option for implementing solar in your home. Barry is with Energy Saving Pros and recently started installing solar for Clark.   Interesting and thought provoking.  
But, this was just the start of our fun Rotary Week.   See you at Dan and Sharron's home Saturday night (where Claire reported we already have a full house).   And, nest week we host District Governor Barbara Tracy at a Board Meeting (at City Hall - 10AM) and at the Lunch meeting.   Then, Friday is the blood drive; if you can't come make sure your friends know about it.   They can reserve a spot at