Sunset Group Assembly
Our leader Jim Zentner opened the meeting around the Pool Table on the 2nd Floor of Beermann's.  The music had been silenced, as compared to our last meeting.  And for reasons unknown we could not use the tables in the larger meeting room.  The good news was that we had our own service person to serve drinks.  Pizza was served as our snack, although it arrived late.  We are working on improvements!  We were pleased to have Arden-Arcade Rotarian Howard Stagg as our guest. We were pleased to see Jerry and Karen Johnson, Matt Gardner and Harvey and Karen Ulijohn at the meeting. 
We has a long discussion of where we should meet, following the problems at the meeting last week (music, food, ...).  Considerations were:
  • Beermann's: No charge, close to downtown.  We can buy appetizers each week plus have access to drinks before and dinner after the meeting. 
  • Holiday Inn Express:  $100 charge per meeting plus then have no food/drink facilities.
  • Lincoln Library: $60 per meeting, no food and alcohol not allowed.
  • Turkey Creek: No charge, could have a portion of restaurant, could use their TV for slides, could order food and drinks easily, but they close at dusk which would not work for us approx November through March. 
  • Woman's Club: Club currently paying to reserve space, we would have to arrange for any food and drinks.  But, members generally wanted to go elsewhere.
At end of discussion, it was concluded we would continue at Beermann's. 
Regarding speakers, we concluded that one meeting per month could related to some Rotary/Club activity and one should be an outside speaker of interest. There should also be announcements re each Club Committee and their activities. 
We were pleased that Club President Father Bill was in attendance. He announced the upcoming Social to be held at Dan/Sharon Johnson's home on August 20th. More to follow.