USPS Carrier Food Collection
  for The Salt Mine
Once per year, the Lincoln post office mail carriers have an event to collect non-perishable food from their patrons to be donated to the Salt Mine. Our club assists the Salt Mine in transferring the bags of food collected to boxes as the mail carrier arrive from completing their routes. This year collection was the largest ever, exceeding the capacity of the Salt Mine truck!  We worked like crazy from about 3-5:30pm.   Thanks to Kimberly Fricke for organizing this service event.  The workers included Kimberly, Art Deardorff, Harvey Ulijohn, Jim Zentner, Geri Rainbolt, Dan Johnson, Joann Hilton, Debra Bellis and Ana Roa. Thanks to all.  A special thanks to Dan and Joann, who earlier in the day had supported our Pancake Breakfast for Relay for Life and the second shift for the Tour de Lincoln Ophir Road Stop; what troupers!
Video thanks to Walter "Larry" Hopkins at USPS