Sunset Meeting
Disease Prevention and Treatment
Since our other normal meeting places were unavailable, the Sunset meeting was held at the home of Clark Osterhout. We had our normal light snack (this time pizza) and libations. Clark led a discussion of Rotary's second area of focus, disease prevention and treatment.  Videos from the RI website were viewed.
Clark also introduced members to Rotary Central where all good things good about Rotary can be found  Members, if you register and sign in, you can see our Club Page on Rotary Central and access all learning tools, join interest groups, make contributions to RI, etc. 
Following our meeting we all made contributions to Polio Plus. Art came to the meeting with his End Polio Now tee shirt.  For a $5 contribution, members could have their picture taken with him to have the $5 donated to Polio Plus.  What a deal since the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match this 2 x 1, resulting in $105 total for Polio Plus and eradication of this terrible disease in the world.  
A couple of announcements (see our website www.LincolnCaRortary.Org):
  • August 15 8-12 is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary at the New Focus Membership Seminar.  See more at District Website Link.  Signup is required if spaces are still available.  No cost.  Harvey and Art are signed up so maybe we can arrange shared transportation.
  • August 21 is the summer Lincoln Community Blood Drive 1-6pm.  East your greens, drink lots of water and Donate to Save a Life.
  • August 29 10:30-2:00 we are helping the Salt Mine sort and distribute food.  See website or contact Kimberly for details
  • November 7 is Nite at the Races.  Clark will send info soon organizing our volunteers such that this fundraiser can be a big success.
At the Lunch meeting, members learned about the Passport Club from Joann Tanner (Passport Club) and Dwight Chapman (Point West Rotary).  The Passport Club is an eClub formed last spring.  There are specific meetings except once quarterly for new member inductions and fun.  Instead, each member must commit to "Save a Life," a combination of meeting attendance, service and contributions.   These members are available to help with our events. See Passport Website.
See links below for:
The Rotary Club of Lincoln Sunset meeting was set up to accommodate those members and potential members who have difficulty attending our Thursday Lunch meetings.  We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 5:30-6:30.  Service and friendship is stressed as compared to meeting attendance.  If you are not a member, contact a Rotarian or come to one of our Lunch or Sunset meetings to find out what Rotary can do for you.  See our website www.LincolnCaRotary.Org for more details.