Our RYE Student Beatrice
 Her Going Away Presentation
Art presided over his last meeting as President. After our usual great lunch, we introduced our guests.  Steve Archer joined us; he is a reporter for the Lincoln News Messenger. Jeff McCoy, President of GutterDome in Lincoln, was a first time guest; his daughter Jocelyn is a recipient of one of our LHS scholarships this year and his daughter Julissa helped us clean up Creekside's garden.
Karlee Dornbush was our special guest.  She was recipient of our Outstanding Girl Scholarship at LHS this year. She plans to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and major in Animal Husbandry. Longer term, she want to come back to Lincoln as an Ag teacher at LHS.  Awesome!
Kimberly showed us pictures from Sober Grad night and thanked Rotary again for our $1001 contribution and thanked the Rotarians who helped with the event. Art, WildBill, and Ed Prokopic drove golf carts; Kris distributed tickets, Art helped make the tickets, Paul helped with the student gift area, Dan helped clean up, ....  Art praised the work of Kimberly for everything she did, including being a traffic director so the golf carts could make the grad delivery from ticket pickup to the event.  Great job Sober Grad folks!  
David again invited members to partake in the 4th of July Parade Syncronized Wheelbarrow Team.  Rehearsals at David's home June 30 (practice) and July 1 (wheelbarrow decoration).  David did demo his new whistle for this years event which promises to guarantee a much better signal than last yearsmiley Harvey announced again that he has a special program for the Fourth of July for the first meeting of his presidency on July 2.  All club members, potential members and guests are welcome to attend.  Give Harvey or Claire a heads-up if you do not normally attend since Harvey expects standing room only!
David won the raffle, but no Ace.   Kris presented a plaque to our club for our $500 donation to the Every 15 Minute program at LHS.
Beatrice Galletto, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from near Turin Italy, was our speaker.  
She told us about her home town and how she got involved in the RYE program.  Her father is a Rotarian.  Her brother was an RYE student.  So it was natural that she should follow.  Beatrice recalled her good times at LHS and the tranvels with the other District RYE students to Santa Cruz, Yosemite, Tahoe, Sonoma, Rotary District Conference, .... She missed her family a lot but made many new friends who she expects to keep in contact with for a long time. Overall, a great year.  She will be leaving Lincoln on June 19th. 
Latebreaking news.  The Work Day at the Salt Mine organized by Kimberly was again very gratifying in spite of the heat.   Paul worked with a few Interactors to set up the weekend book sale for Friends of the Lincoln Library.  Thank you to all who participated. 
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